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Neorest 550H Specifications

27.8" x 15.3" x 21.5"
released date


the neorest 550h weighs 86 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

The genealogy of robotic toilet seats, at least the kind commonly referred to as e-bidets, is easy to trace. The Japanese company TOTO released the first "washlet" (the company's name for them) in 1980.

Robot toilet seats are a big product category in Japan and TOTO, the world's largest manufacturer of toilets, is still producing washlets today. To read TOTO's specs on the Neorest 550H, it sounds like the highest tech toilet not equipped to work on the International Space Station. It has CeFiONtect Glaze, tornado flushing and eWater+. What, you ask, are those? CeFiONtect is the glaze that TOTO applies to ceramic surfaces. It smooths out the microscopic roughness of the surface so that limescale, mould and other things you really don't want building up inside your toilet won't stick. Tornado flushing sends water spinning around the rim of the bowl in a cyclonic pattern to get maximum pressure out of a 1.28 GPF flow. And ewater+? That's electrolyzed water that the toilet mists the bowl with in order to disinfect it.

That's not quite as high tech as it sounded like it was going to be, but it's not bad, especially when you throw in the heated seat, the illuminated bowl, the air purifier and, of course, the remote control. The remote, among other things, controls the front and back water jets that give you a very intimate cleaning after you're finished. If that sounds odd, you might want to look up bidet to learn what they do, because it's not something you want to be surprised by.

Unlike some other robotic toilets, this isn't just a seat that attaches to your existing toilet. This is the whole appliance, from tank to bowl to floor. Remember that when you see the price tag, which would be a bit stiff if it were just a seat, electronic or otherwise. (For a less expensive TOTO washlet, see the Toto Washlet G500).

Toto Neorest 550H | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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At night, it may be hard to see the controls since the light it throws comes from the toilet and doesn't light up the remote. But the toilet itself is well worth it.

Tom's Guide

Has an easy-to-read remote control, a SanaGloss ceramic glaze...a programmable nightlight, hands-free flush and three-mode personal cleansing system.

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Great design, functional, works great...lid very fragile.

Tom's Guide

Very good product. Exceeding expectations...Installation is fairly simple but require water supply line at least 10 psi.

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Great product at a great price...Installation was a breeze.

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