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Editorial Review

Washlets. Though the term has started to be used by a few off-brand toilet seat manufacturers, it's really the intellectual property of Toyo Toki, AKA Toto Ltd., of Japan. In 1980 they launched their first line of bidet toilet seats under that name, designed to be retrofitted onto existing toilets, and they started what you really can't call a craze, because it's taken more than three decades to catch on in the western hemisphere, but it was certainly a (no pun intended) movement. Washlets spread across Japan fairly quickly and are doubtlessly one of the primary reasons that Toto is the world's most successful manufacturers of toilets. The Toto C200 washlet is a bidet toilet seat with all the usual functions, including front and rear washing handled by a moving wand beneath the seat that's controllable using the included remote, so that you can tell the wand exactly where you want to be washed while you're still perched on the heated throne. What the C200 adds that most other washlets don't is a pre-mist function that sprays a thin film of water droplets across the surface of the bowl to grease the slide for falling objects that might otherwise be tempted to stick, or at least leave a conspicuous smear, on the shiny porcelain surface. The C200 isn't just for your own hygiene; it's for the toilet's too.

When the wet part of the job is done, a deodorizer goes to work on the air and a warm air dryer goes to work on you. This supposedly eliminates the need for toilet paper, though some users have complained that the drying isn't perfect and the occasional swipe of tissue can improve the results. The temperature of the water, the drying and the seat itself are adjustable by the remote control, so you won't have an unexpected jolt of ice water on a night when the temperatures are already below freezing.

The C200 is for elongated toilets, so if you have the round kind you'll find that it sticks out a bit in front. If you worry that it might not integrate well with your existing bathroom rig, there's always the option of buying a complete bidet toilet, like the Kohler Veil Intelligent.

Toto C200 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Perfectly cleans 99.99% of the time...Activated charcoal filter canister is unbelievably effective in removing 99.99% of odors!

Tom's Guide

Compared to the first one I have this one looks more sleek, and has more function like air dryer, premist bowl, deodorizer, and good price.

Tom's Guide

My 4th Toto washlet. After using the one in my master bath, family members really pushed to have their own...Once you install your bidet you will wonder why you ever waited.

Tom's Guide

Sometimes you need a longer rinse, and the water does not stay warm for very long...disappointing compared to my old model which stayed warm indefinitely.

Tom's Guide

Offers warm aerated water to cleanse and warm air to dry. Activated by a simple touch of its new silver wireless remote...lid closes gently after use.

Tom's Guide