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the b150 weighs 10 pounds


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Editorial Review

The Toto B150 Washlet is one of several Toto products catering to cleanly cans the world over. This bidet seat attaches right to your toilet, providing a lower cost option to achieving a deep clean in the bathroom than wholesale new toilets like Toto's own Washlet G500. The B150 is positioned squarely in the middle of this product class, with just the right combination of features and value pricing to serve as a viable alternative or supplement for toilet paper for a large swath of households.

The B150 Washlet features are all that you would expect from something of the above description. The oscillating, "dual-action" spray delivers a thorough clean, and the adjustable water temperature and volume make for that clean to be a comfortable one as well. These are selected via the companion remote control, which can also be used to program up to two user settings. While some more premium features, such as auto-deodorizer, warm-air drying, and self-cleaning wands can only be found in more high-end bidet attachments, the B150 does have one luxury component thrown in for its luck user: a nice, heated seat.

To see some other producers of quality bathroom cleanliness products, see the offerings of Biobidet, Alpha, and Kohler.

Toto B150 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Very easy to install, though would be best to mount it to a two-piece toilet with a straight front to the tank. The seat itself works like a charm.

Tom's Guide

Very easy to install, we have no experience with plumbing, but we did it in 30 the warm toilet cover, warm water, feels so clean, feels so good.

Tom's Guide