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Large Automatic Feeder Specifications

the large automatic feeder weighs 6.5 pounds


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Editorial Review

The topPets Large Automatic Feeder exists in the same product space as the Pet-Mate Cat Mate C3000 and the Andrew James 90 Day Pet Feeder. It serves a regular stream of pellet-shaped food directly from a large hopper to your pet's food bowl. Each device is designed to deliver several months' worth of food into a tray where your pet can scarf it up at leisure. This assures that your pet doesn't starve while you race off to work in the morning or take your time about getting home in the evening. All serve food in programmable amounts at programmable intervals.

So which should you buy? The Large Automatic Feeder is at the lower end of the automated feeder price scale, but that's true of all the large-hopper feeders on the market, unless they have Wi-Fi and a webcam. The online reviews for the topPets Large Automatic Feeder are mixed, but so are the reviews for most products on sale over the Internet. Perhaps the most important question is whether it will keep working reliably for two or three months at a stretch. At least one user says the Large Automatic Feeder has worked perfectly for two years while using only two batteries, but other users having problems with long-term reliability and portion control. A common report is that it's difficult and unintuitive to program, which is a problem given that it loses its programming when it's turned off or the battery dies. On the plus side, one user says that their cat was unable to defeat it, which is no small thing.

On the whole, though, you may want to check out the competition before you buy this.

Toppets Large Automatic Feeder | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Had the unit for nearly exactly two years now. Still working perfectly twice a day without a break. Still on the second set of D cell batteries...I really can't complain.

Tom's Guide

The programming of the unit is not intuitive, so you have to carefully read the instructions and follow them exactly. If you miss a step, you have to reset it and start over.

Tom's Guide