Toledo Electronic Deadbolt

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Electronic Deadbolt Specifications

3" x 1.4" x 5"
released date


the electronic deadbolt weighs 3 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

Toledo advertises that their Electronic Deadbolt can be set up in minutes, but if you watch the YouTube video on programming the lock, you'll begin to suspect that it will require two people to program, one to read the instructions out loud and another to keep screwing the process up until they finally get the lock working. That's not to say that the lock doesn't work well, just that you're going to spend a lot of time cursing while you get it to work at all. Once you've gotten past that obstacle, not to mention the installation process itself, you'll have an attractive, satin-nickel-finished PIN code deadbolt lock on your door.

The Toledo Electronic Deadbolt is, obviously, a PIN code lock and the good news for those who don't like punching in numbers just to get through their front door is that it also comes with a key and a key fob remote, so if you don't feel like memorizing your code or just aren't in the mood for typing it, you can get into your home the old-fashioned way (or just hit a button on the remote like you would to open your car). Extra key fobs beyond the one that comes with it are available for an extra price. The Toledo has an anti-bump cylinder and ANSI-certified, Grade 3 protection, so it should be pretty secure. Toledo's promotional literature doesn't mention how many PIN codes can be programmed into the lock, so it's possible that there's only one. If so, the lock won't be appropriate for apartment buildings or AirBNB homes.

If you're in the market for a PIN code lock, there are plenty of them on the market, several of them from lockmeisters Schlage (for instance, the Schlage Connect FBE469NX and the Schlage Sense BE479), that will work with whole-home automation systems such as Z-Wave and Apple Homekit, to give you remote capabilities from your smartphone, something that the Toledo lock doesn't have. The Kwikset Kevo will even open automatically if you have a smartphone in your pocket with the Kevo app in the background.

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The lock is great but the remote range only have 10 feet not 30 feet as stated in the products details, and one of remote was not in working condition, disappointed!

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