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Editorial Review

The first human tool in all probability was the toothpick. Little is more irritating than food that belongs in the stomach sticking around in the mouth, stinking things up. It’s not hard to imagine early humans using twigs or small bones to pry nagging comestibles loose. Along with vigorous sloshing with water. Now, they have been combined to hasten our oral hygienic evolution.

The original oral irrigator, also known as a dental water jet, was first developed in Colorado during the early 1960s. It was utilized as an alternative to manual flossing by squirting a thin stream of pulsating water between the teeth. There have been suggestions that oral irrigators are also handy for removing tonsil stones and for healing canker sores quickly, as well as cleaning jewelry. At approximately 1200 pulses per minute at medium pressure, multiple studies have found that oral irrigators are highly effective at periodontal maintenance, when used in conjunction with regular brushing. For instance, using the Philips Sonicare Flexcare or the Oral B Pro 3000 after the ToiletTree Poseidon Pro2000w is likely to improve overall dental health.

The Poseidon Pro2000w from ToiletTree is rechargeable with an adapter plug, and comes with a lithium ion battery. It runs on 100 to 240 volts~50/60 Hz, which means the user can take it when travelling abroad. The water reservoir holds six ounces, or four ounces by volume. There are three flossing modes: Normal mode runs at 60 psi for about 60-65 seconds. Soft mode runs at 40 psi for about 70-75 seconds. Pulse mode runs at 80 psi for about 75-80 seconds. There is a tip release button as well as two color coded and interchangeable tips. The Poseidon Pro2000w is BPA-free, and comes in black or white. User satisfaction for this product is high, as it is for ToiletTree's customer service.

ToiletTree Poseidon Pro2000w | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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I love this product. It is easy to hold, fill, and clean. I have had other similar products and I’m sticking with this brand and model. I highly recommend!

Tom's Guide

I'm thoroughly satisfied with it: the reservoir is big enough to be practical, but small enough not to make the unit clumsy or heavy. The charge lasts for about a week.

Tom's Guide

Even on lowest setting (soft) the stream was too powerful. My bottom lip swelled up and burned from getting hit with the water pressure.

Tom's Guide