ToiletTree Poseidon Oral Irrigator

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Poseidon Oral Irrigator Specifications

2" x 2.5" x 11.5"
the poseidon oral irrigator  weighs 1.5 pounds


battery life


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Editorial Review

Oral irrigators may have been invented by Waterpik back in the 1960s, but ToiletTree, a dark horse competitor with a cutesy name, is giving them a gum-cleaning run for their money with their own line of water flossers -- the Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral Irrigator, for starters. This mythologically named device does exactly what a Waterpik will do -- and possibly more. ToiletTree advertises that it not only sprays an intense stream of water between your teeth and under your gums, replacing the need for flossing, but combines this with brushing functions. You can presumably do this simply by aiming it at your teeth and scouring crud off their surfaces before it can turn into plaque -- and, if you work hard enough, after it's turned into plaque too. Either way, this oral irrigator should do a worthy job of keeping your gum line at levels where it can protect your teeth all by itself.

The unit is designed to work around braces, implants and bridgework, so no matter how complicated your mouth has become, it will still do its job. It comes with a miniature charging stand that will hardly be noticeable when it's sitting in your bathroom and that you can pack in a tiny pocket inside your briefcase if you're going for a business trip that may outlast the battery's current electrification. Two irrigator tips are included, either for multiple users or so that you'll have a replacement on hand should one become uncooperative. It's possible that you may actually enjoy maintaining your teeth with this device, because turning your mouth into a water park is considerably more exciting than the tooth-scraping mechanic of an ordinary electric toothbrush (or the arm-tiring routine of manual brushing).

You can also turn to other dental care companies for your toothcare needs. Check out the Pursonic S450 Deluxe for an electric toothbrush or the Philips Sonicare Airfloss HX8111/02 for a water flosser. Or you can go to the oral irrigator inventors themselves and get an electric toothbrush/water flosser combo like the Waterpik WP-950, which comes with a large recharging stand for both units.

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Flossing has become almost impossible with braces on. My Oral Irrigator is a miracle worker making my teeth and gums feel as clean as if I had just had a cleaning.

Tom's Guide

Perfect for teens with braces. This is an excellent device to help them clean in between their brackets. My orthodontist is impressed!

Tom's Guide

Not enough pressure, and unless you have less than five teeth, you will need to refill this a few times to get one cleaning done.

Tom's Guide

The unit doesn't work if you turn it sideways to get in the backside of my teeth. It is fine only if you're using it to clean the very front teeth. Really disappointed.

Tom's Guide