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The Titanium Micro RP600A is a fairly standard 3D pen that seems to excel chiefly in price. It's an inexpensive unit that could be a good way to buy into the world of three-dimensional artistry for a minimal investment, so if you're unsure whether you want to use a 3D pen, or to buy one for your children, this is your chance to test the waters -- or the molten plastic. Like other 3D pens, the Micro uses ABS and PLA filaments, the same source of plastic used in 3D printers. It comes with three randomly colored filaments, so you can start using it the moment you open the box and decide if you want to stop at the local office supply store to buy more filaments. (You can also order filaments online, probably at better prices than you'll find at that local store.)

If you don't know how 3D pens work, here's a quick rundown: You load a filament, turn the pen on and when you set the speed controller the plastic is melted in the tip. The hot filament dries when it hits cooler air and you can, if you want, create lines of plastic running from a solid surface into three-dimensional space. Some 3D pen users prefer to draw on a flat template and create an object piece by piece, connecting those pieces together with daubs of hot plastic, much the way you'd use a soldering iron. Or you can simply go wild and draw in the air, seeing what kind of structures you can improvise on the fly.

The Micro has heating and temperature indicators, so you'll know when it's hot and how hot it is. Additional buttons let you unload the current filament and replace it with a filament of a different color, so you can add rainbows of solid lines to make your structures vivid, attractive, and perhaps even realistic. Amazon reviewers give the Micro an average four-star rating and mostly seem to love it. There are lots of similar pens out there, though, and if you want to see what the competition has to offer you should check out the AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen, the Leungyo Doodler and the JoyCrafty Doodling Pen.

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Very simple to operate. Definitely needs a lot of practice and patience to learn the skill. Even my kids love playing with it now.

Tom's Guide

Easy to use and can adjust the temperature. You can turn on and off the melted plastic coming out. Great quality...Great for getting kids to use their creative minds.

Tom's Guide