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TP-Pro 8300 Specifications

Dim xl
the tp-pro 8300  weighs 270 pounds


remote control included
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857314  005173

Editorial Review

If you're shopping casually for a robotic massage chair to put in your den, the price of the Titan TP-Pro 8300 may seem a bit shocking. The good news, if you could call it that, is that the price could be much worse. Just look at the Adako Zenith or the Inada Dreamwave to see how ridiculously pricey automated massage chairs can get. Still, the TP-Pro will cut deeply enough into your bank account that it had better have some impressive features to justify it. So let's look at what it's got:

A quad-roller on an S-track -- That means it has four rollers that will run up and down your spine from roughly the neck and shoulders to the base of your spine. An S-track, unfortunately, doesn't have the coverage of an L-track, which continues down under your buttocks and even to your upper thighs, but L-tracks tend to be more expensive. The rollers can be set to give you a medium to strong massage, which should feel good after a hard day of...well, whatever you had a hard day of.

A zero-gravity position -- This is where the chair tilts you back to raise your knees above your heart and relieve pressure on your spine. The name supposedly comes from the position used in chairs that help astronauts recover from the muscle loss they experience after long-term visits to orbital space, where the freely falling environment fails to give them the daily muscle toning they need. It also helps in pressing your back against the rollers.

Foot rollers -- These give you a foot massage. It feels good. You'll like it.

Lumbar heat -- This loosens up your back muscles, increases your circulation, and prepares you for the massage.

Deep tissue scan -- This is where the chair really begins to earn its price tag. Like the more expensive chairs above, the TP-Pro can analyze the depth of your flesh and determine how much prodding it can take. This makes sure that you get the pressure you need but not enough pressure to hurt.

Sound good? If not, look at some other chairs in this price range, like the uKnead Lavita.

Titan TP-Pro 8300 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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If you are looking for something for your back this is the chair! Works my back exactly i want it. It will do the whole body which is amazing. I really love this chair.

Tom's Guide

The TP-8300 is very adjustable in air settings. The upper, middle & lower parts can all be adjusted at different intensity level settings.

Tom's Guide