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TG545 Specifications

the tg545 weighs 2 pounds


remote control included

Editorial Review

All talking! All dancing! All...fighting? The ThinkGizmos TG545 robot is a bit of a contradiction, a dancing bot who can bust a move while getting into frisbee fights with members of your family. What made ThinkGizmos think that fighting and dancing were compatible is anybody's guess, but the TG545 is definitely a double-threat toy -- a triple threat, if you throw in the talking part. With his Incredible Hulk build he looks more comfortable shooting frisbees out of his chest, but when he trips the light fantastic -- well, he doesn't fall down and embarrass himself.

In warrior mode, the TG545 makes threatening pronouncement like, "Identify yourself or I will shoot!" before raising his laser gun, actually a toy gun with a flashing light that doesn't do any damage. It's when he starts firing tiny frisbees from his well-armored chest plate, which he'll do at a click from his remote control, that he becomes threatening, but the barrage of plastic discs is more likely just to scare the cats. ThinkGizmos says that the TG545 appeared on the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which this reviewer must have missed, but he does bear a slight resemblance to the Doctor's long-time enemies, the Cybermen. This bot isn't educational like a lot of the other humanoid bots on the market and he can't be programmed to perform new tricks, so he exists mostly for entertainment value, which might grow a little thin after you've gotten tired of shooting frisbees at every unbreakable object in the house. (Shooting at breakable objects might be more fun, so parents be warned. Those frisbees could knock over your prized china, so keep it on a high shelf.)

Despite being a rather unimaginative addition to the parade of bots currently on the market, the TG545 gets a solid four out of five stars on Amazon, so there must be a lot of people who enjoy watching him strut his limited repertoire of moves. For something a bit more ingeniously conceived, you might be better off looking at the ultra-cute Anki Cozmo, who'll play games with you and call you by name when he recognizes your face. And for educational toys, you can't beat the Makeblock Codeybot, who poses no danger to the tchotchkes.

ThinkGizmos TG545 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The built quality on this robot seem very good. The robot is very loud. Especially when the disc shooter is enabled, and that's all this is used for.

Tom's Guide

Love how fast the discs shoot but nice that they are soft because they really fly. Wish it had a volume control as it is on the loud side.

Tom's Guide