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11" x 11" x 23.6"

Editorial Review

The Tevo Little Monster is, as its print area makes patently obvious, far from little. At 11x11x22 inches, this big monster of a printer dwarfs other big guys like the M300 and the Ultimaker 2 Extended, particularly in the vertical dimension, making it ideal for printing, say, large model rockets ready for launch. A delta printer that ships roughly 80% ready to go, the Tevo Little Monster is an incredible deal if it can manage to deliver on even half of what it says it can do.

Delta style 3D printers are known for a few key characteristics: their higher print speed, their hypnotic and graceful mechanisms, and the incredible difficulty of calibrating them. The Tevo Little Monster either addresses or enhances all of these elements. The Little Monster uses a flying extruder rig, meaning that – rather than directly connecting the extruder motor to the nozzle – the extruder is suspended and connected via a short tube, bringing up the maximum print speed (estimated at a whopping 900 millimeters per second on the Monster) and eliminating the "blobbing" problem seen in other, similar solutions. The frame is sturdier than your average delta, with three thick columns holding the Monster firmly in place as it whirs around at those higher speeds. And perhaps most significantly, the Little Monster features automatic calibration, eliminating hours of painstaking manual work that is further compounded by the connected nature of the delta's axes.

Between calibration and other routine maintenance, delta printers can be a labor of love, but are beautiful, effective machines once you develop the skill for them. Nowhere else will you be able to find print speeds as high as theirs for as low a cost as the average delta; a quick glance and new deltas for sale reveals several available under $200, several more for under $500, and – of course – this big beauty for a bit more than that. If you're cost conscious and up for a technical challenge, a delta just may be for you.

Tevo Little Monster | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The prints are good but like I said, there's a lot of filling and trying and searching that needs to be done.

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The machine is CNC industrial build with all the open-source quality. Rock solid in printing reliability and very high constant quality. High speed and precision.

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The printer is equipped with all latest features which makes the whole printing process easier. It can be paused and can be resumed from the same situation.

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The printer is perfect for you if you want to have one high quality printer which offers excellent printing speed and is compatible with various filament.

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It's a very huge & fast printer. The design is robust and the mount is easy as the tricky parts are already assembled. Easy to put together and prints like a dream!

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Anyhow after a little experimentation to dial in my settings, this thing is fast and accurate, and by far my best printer. I'm very happy.

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