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the rm403 weighs 4.6 pounds


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Editorial Review

Of all the household chores undertaken by people, vacuuming and mopping rank the lowest. By this reasoning, cleaning the ceiling would rank the highest. This is why robovacs and robomoppers were invented -- to allow the consumer to aim higher. Let robots scurry along the floor at our feet, they can handle it. The iconic Roomba laid the groundwork for imitators, many of which are even more sophisticated, with features such as programming capabilities, smart sensors, navigation and automatic docking. While the O-shape is the most common in robovacs and moppers like the Clean-Mate QQ5 Plus, there are occasional forays into the square. The D-shaped Neato XV-21 is a good example of what the flat edge is capable of.

The Techko Maid RM403 is a moderately hideous robomopper with a boxy shape. At least with the LG Roboking Square vacuum, the corners are rounded, which softens its appearance. The RM403 was created by Techko Kobot, a California-based company founded in 1982 as a telephone manufacturer. It now proffers security solutions and office and floor cleaning automation products. The Maid must have been fired because it's no longer on Techko's website. It's been replaced by prettier and more conventional robotic floor cleaners.

The RM403 is for dusting wood floors and mopping linoleum, tile and marble flooring. Single-touch operation makes it easy to use. Standard sized disposable cleaning cloth or pads are fitted onto the mop pad attachment. It includes rechargeable batteries and an AC adapter. Wet pads are sold separately but you can use Swiffer dry wipes. In fact, users suggest that dry wiping is better because wet wipes are a drag, and too heavy and sticky for the wimpy mopper. It was probably wise of the company to lay off the RM403 as users don't seem to be very pleased with its performance.

Techko Maid RM403 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Love it. Had this before. Its a great help. Works great. A must to have.

Tom's Guide

It definitely picks up all the dust and hair using the swiffer dry rags. It has a hard time moving when using the wet ones though. I think the wet rags make it too heavy.

Tom's Guide