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Kobot RV317 Specifications

11.7" x 11.7" x 2.7"
the kobot rv317 weighs 3.7 pounds


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014575  317128

Editorial Review

Calling a product line Techko Maid promises a lot more than the Kobot RV317 can possibly deliver. Can the Kobot dust the coffee table, like a maid could? Can it straighten up fallen volumes on the bookshelf? Can it scrub the toilet? (For that last one, you might try a self-cleaning toilet like the Toto Neorest 550, but that's a different product category.) What a robotic floor cleaner like the Kobot can do is exactly what a robotic floor cleaner should do: It cleans your floors. Robotically.

The Kobot does both wet and dry cleaning, which means that it has both a vacuum function and a mopping function, kind of like two robots in one. It switches between functions depending on what kind of surface it's crawling over and maps the room through some sort of "factory pre-programmed intelligent movement patterns," whatever that means, so that it can work out the optimal pattern for cleaning the room in minimal time and with minimal power usage. It has edge detection to keep it from falling down the stairs, but no invisible wall for the user to set up that delineates the area it's supposed to clean. It has the ubiquitous saucer shape that so many floor-cleaning devices seem to have, so that it can slide under furniture and glide along walls. And all you have to do to clean out its dust bin is to pop open the lid, pull out the bin, dump it and put it back.

Be warned that online reviews for this unit are highly mixed, though its detractors can't seem to decide whether it's the functionality or the unit's durability that they dislike. It's a fairly inexpensive unit, though, so you might want to use it to test out the robotic floor-cleaning waters. If you'd like another floor cleaner instead, you might want to look at the Infinuvo Hovo 780, the Milagrow Aguabot 5.0 and the Lilin B2005Plus.

Techko Maid Kobot RV317 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Doesn't stop at stairs; took quite a tumble but survived.

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It will effectively clean your spaces and allow you to do other things while it take care of that chore for you.

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It serves it's purpose and vacuums well but easily gets stuck in corners that aren't 90 degrees. It vacuums the floor in a random order but seems to get it all.

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