Team Blacksheep TBS Vendetta

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TBS Vendetta Specifications

9.1" x 8.7" x 2"
released date


the tbs vendetta weighs 1.3 pounds


maximum flight time

5 min

video camera included
number of rotors


operating range in feet


remote control included
battery life


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Editorial Review

First-person drone racing is growing with each passing month, and Team Black Sheep figures to give an accessible entry point with their largely pre-assembled quadcopter: the TBS Vendetta. Built to survive the learning curve newcomers experience with drone racing, with its carbon fiber chassis and easily interchangeable arms, the Vendetta further certifies its status as optimal entry level racer with its easy setup following unboxing — as TBS themselves claim, the Vendetta can go "from box to air (in) 5 minutes."

While the Vendetta is a great starting point for newcomers, it also provides an open enough experience for technically-minded racers to grow their skills along with their aircraft. You can (fairly easily) upgrade your motor, camera, add 3D printed amendments — whatever tinkering you imagine can be attempted thanks to TBS' open architecture. This is an important development for FPV drone racing — long a hobby dominated by tinkerers with self-built machines, an intermediate, open-but-ready-to-fly drone could do wonders for welcoming curious hobbyists-to-be previously put off by the perceived knowledge and skill barriers.

Drones as a whole have evolved into something of an ambassador for modern tech — namely, anything that uses a microchip to achieve some degree of complex function. The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, considered something of a hallmark yearly occurrence for the tech industry, has recently devoted an entire wing of their show exclusively to drones. Racing drones, with their high speeds and first-person viewpoint, are a particularly exciting subset of this booming industry, producing both thrilling experiences for the pilots racing them and incredible sights for those simply appreciating the footage they capture by the wayside.

Team Blacksheep TBS Vendetta | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Ready to fly in under 30 minutes, just install your preferred receiver and you're airborne. With the batter pad design you can fit pretty much any size battery on this beauty.

Tom's Guide

The quality of this machine is way better than I thought it could ever be. Setup is pretty easy, and it fly's great right out of the box.

Tom's Guide

On the stock HQProp 5x4x3 propellers it felt like it lacked a little power due to the weight...without the GoPro it was a lot more nimble in the air.

Tom's Guide

The frame is a molded carbon fiber unibody with modular electronics that make field repairs easy. It's a 240 mm size and uses 5" props on a 4S lipo for intense speed.

Tom's Guide

The TBS Vendetta is really a real eye-catcher...you can change the arms very quickly...Maintenance work should be very simple...I'm very happy with my vendetta.

Tom's Guide