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Smart AC Control Specifications

3.9" x 0.5" x 3.9"
released date


the smart ac control weighs 0.9 pounds


phone controllable
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Editorial Review

Tado's Smart AC Control is a different category than Honeywell's smart thermostats, the Lyric and Evohome. Those products replace old thermostats. The Smart AC Control is a supplement.

Some people want control over their home's temperature without a permanent commitment. They are Tado's audience. Maybe they're renting. Maybe they're in an apartment. Maybe it's a vacation property or timeshare. Maybe they're on a long business trip. Maybe they just move a lot. Think of it as the cord-cutter's smart thermostat.

Except the Smart AC Control does have a cord. It's a big white one that can't hide or tuck itself away. The point of the device is convenience, not seamlessness. But it's an eyesore that's not associated with a thermostat.

The Smart AC Control only works with air conditioner units. It does not work with central air. Tado uses infrared remote controls as its litmus test for compatibility. If the air conditioner has one, the Smart AC Control will work.

It does work with central heating. Tado claims the Smart AC Control is compatible with 95% of heating systems, gas or electrical, radiator or underfloor. Most user feedback, while positive, has been on its cooling performance.

The primary feature of the device is its GPS synchronization with the owner's phone. When the device senses the linked phone approaching, it will switch on the air conditioner to cool the home in time for the owner's arrival.

A strong wifi signal is also necessary for the Smart AC Control to communicate with the synced phone.

Tado is a young brand, born in Germany in 2011. It has active profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. They accept payment via Paypal. The Smart AC Control is inexpensive, with a low learning curve. It's not suitable for cooling huge homes that need thousands of cubic feet of fresh air. But for a room or two it's convenient.

It's not an insulation overhaul. But for those unwilling or unable to use a permanent installation, the Smart AC control is a suitable option. 30-year mortgages need not apply.

Tado Smart AC Control | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Five stars! Great product. The application needs some tuning but works as I expected.

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The device works as described. I can turn on/off AC and change fan speed and desired temperature. Setup was easy and it took about 10 minutes...

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A large part of Smart ac control’s intelligence lies in being able to operate your air-conditioning unit for you while also lowering your energy bill...

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All in all, it's a pretty appealing gadget, especially for anyone who's interested in smart climate control but unable or unwilling to replace their thermostat.

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The tado smart ac control is a fun device to play with but currently, it is not practical to implement it for the whole house because of the price.

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You can adjust some settings through other taps and swipes, but its rather basic interface is less intuitive to navigate than other smart home thermostats...

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