Syma X8HG

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X8HG Specifications

the x8hg weighs 4.1 pounds


maximum flight time

8 min

number of rotors


operating range in feet


remote control included
battery life


Upc n
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Editorial Review

An astonishing transformation is occurring in the progression of biological evolution. Human beings, the dominant species for millennia -- superseded by only bacteria, mosquitoes and ants -- appear to be passing the figurative torch to the next generation of world shakers – robots. This shift seems inevitable with humans gleefully creating the very things which will invariably unseat us from our revered position of primacy. Robots already handle major aspects of manufacturing, and we rely on computers for the function of utilities, traffic routing and the defense grid as well. With RPDs and UASs, bots have achieved a level of autonomy only imagined in fictional science dreams and science fiction nightmares.

Drones are making their impact in an amazingly punctual fashion. Placing the supercomputer into the hands of the public, by way of the smartphone, has resulted in nothing more terrifying than social media and the selfie. Giving the people control over photographic flying hedge trimmers has proven more problematic, especially when they decide to take selfies from 200 feet in the air. For most, the needs of droning can be adequately met with the smaller, lighter, less-likely-to-get-you-arrested type, like the Ei-Hi S20C, which can fly nearly 100 meters for up to 10 minutes. For real convenience, the Droidworx Blu can be collapsed and carried in your pocket.

Masters of not getting it right the first time, toy giant Syma presents the X8HG. This is the upgrade of the Syma X8C Venture, with the addition of altitude hold. The incorporation of a barometer helps the quad maintain a specific elevation without constant operator adjustments. It has a gimbal mount for the 720p HD camera, which shoots stills or video. The 4-channel 2.4 GHz transmitter has hobby-grade functions and requires 4 AA batteries to make it go. With a 7.4-volt 2000mAh lithium ion battery, the quad will fly 5 to 7 minutes on a 3-hour charge. The X8HG features headless mode and has a controllable range of just over 200 feet.

Syma X8HG | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The X8HG also includes other features like: headless mode, and 3d aversion, there really no need to mention these, except for the fact that they work good.

Tom's Guide

The X8HG is a fine reliable quadcopter. The included HD camera takes nice quality pictures and video.

Tom's Guide

Altitude hold mode works good. But it can fall down 1 meter before it set the height.

Tom's Guide