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Swivl Specifications

8.5" x 6.5" x 4.9"
the swivl weighs 2 pounds


remote control included
battery life



Editorial Review

With all of the fascinating ways to travel from place to place -- high performance mobility scooters, electric tricycles, fat-tire bicycles and even no-tired water scooters – it was only a matter of time before our devices wanted rides of their own. With the advent of the Remote Personal Device, the telepresence robot rolled into the zeitgeist and answered the call of the phone. These things must have been invented by a Smartphone or tablet because they make immobile devices quite mobile indeed. They can power up remotely, look around, record audio/video and transmit it. Some can roll around on a desktop while others can travel through offices and living spaces with relative autonomy.

They come very simple yet capable, like the iPad-on-a-garden-edger Double Robotics Telepresence Robot. The Rbot Synergy Swan has very organic design features and advanced functions like facial recognition. As a roller specifically for iPhones and geared towards teaching kids programming, the Romo Robotic Pet is highly accessible to all ages. But before any of them could move around the place on their own, they needed to give it a look, and the articulating mount was just the means to achieve this objective.

While the Swivl from Satarii might not decamp its position of its own volition, it is adept at observing its proximity with considerable clarity. It is widely adaptable and caters to iOS and Android mobile devices as well as cameras. Delivering smooth pan and tilt, it features the Remote Marker which automatically follows the designated subject. It comes with 3 adapter-grips to hold mobile devices under 0.47” thick and an optional Camera Mount for cameras and camcorders up to 6 lbs. It can be used on a desktop or even mounted on a tripod and provides 360 degrees of pan with 25 degrees of tilt. A free Swivl Cloud account is available to users for uploading videos and sharing content.

Swivl Swivl | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Improve performance through video observations and self-reflection, coaching and evaluation.

Tom's Guide

The swivl is a stationary telepresence robot designed on enhancing presentations in classrooms and the business world by combining video conferencing with robotics.

Tom's Guide

The robot enhances video capture by wirelessly following the movement of the marker and capturing high quality audio using a built in microphone.

Tom's Guide

Alternatively, the swivl features a tracking function, where the robot follows the user, enabling them to have hands free self-recording.

Tom's Guide