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SwagRoller Specifications

16.5" x 5" x 20.5"
the swagroller weighs 30 pounds


maximum carrying weight


has bluetooth
Upc n
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Editorial Review

When it comes to the personal electric vehicle sensation currently sweeping many nations, Swagtron can have you rolling with swagger. From their T series of hoverboards, to the aptly named Swagger, and to the compact, seated Swagcycle, Swagtron could stake a solid claim for itself as the "fun version" of Segway. This comparison is only more apt when considering the Swagroller, an electric, self-balancing unicycle in the cast of those offered by Solowheel and many others.

The Swagroller, technically speaking, is not actually a unicycle: unlike the vast majority of comparable vehicles, the Swagroller rolls on two wheels side by side, increasing the stability of the ride. This is an ingenious touch, for while self-balancing unicycles may be easier to stay on than their analog counterparts, newbies will still require some trial and error to ride one consistently. The top speed of nine miles per hour and the maximum range of 12.4 miles are both around average for e-unicycles. LED lights adorn the sides of the front of the Swagroller, which you can set to a color of your choosing using the accompanying smartphone application. A retractable carrying handle and foldable footpads make carrying and storage painless, and the built-in Bluetooth speakers make the thing double as a boombox. This last feature could backfire, as streets filled with Swagrolling pedestrians blaring blues through their Bluetooth speakers could get a bit disconcerting, but we'll cross that bridge when we roll to it.

Swagtron, with their release of the Swagroller and all of the other aforementioned products, has grown up quite a bit from their early days pioneering the hoverboards that have now become ubiquitous on college campuses the world over. In fact, they used to be known as Swagway—and those with a memory for current events may recall the event that drove the brand change to Swagtron. Rest assured, no Swagrollers have exploded, and riders will doubtlessly be safe from everything except a scraped knee or two.

Swagtron SwagRoller | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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My boys can’t stop using their SwagRollers. It gets pretty fast and they end up racing through our neighborhood. My youngest can even ride it without any problem...

Tom's Guide

One of the wheel hubs was terribly warped causing it to rub against the foot support. Not impressed with the build of the wheel. I'll pass on this brand...

Tom's Guide