Superior SMC-6850

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the smc-6850 weighs 300 pounds


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Editorial Review

The first electronic massage chair was released to the consumer in Japan in 1954. The invention itself predated World War II, also in Japan. Given the outcome of that enterprise, it certainly makes the manufacture of such comforts preferable to what they ended up making there. Clearly not people to be rubbed the wrong way. Today, upward of 20% of Japanese households are estimated to own them. Japan’s Family Inada Co. remains the only independent producer of specialized massage chairs in a high pressure market dominated by huge appliance companies and cute Asian girls.

Traditional massage chairs place the rubbee face down, supported on the butt, thighs, chest and face while exposing the back and nether regions. Electronic massage chairs are reversed as high-tech loungers that in many cases would look right at home on the bridge of a sci-fi movie spaceship. As a common feature in such contrivances is attaining a zero center-of-gravity, they are appropriately appointed. While the controls on the sci-fi versions offer shields and deadly laser-bombs, the massage chair offers only relief. Comfort, they offer comfort. Relief comes with the Kohler Numi.

The Superior SMC-6850 proffers some stimulating features. Their 3D roller mechanism works the back with extensive coverage, adjusting to reach from the narrows of the neck to the width of the shoulders. The rollers are spaced according to the size of the person using the chair, traveling up-and-down and side-to-side. Numerous air bags line the entire seat, providing alternating pressure zones in areas of physical contact, all but wrapping both arms and legs. The leg rests expand or contract depending on the height of the massagee, and also stretch during operation. The controller is mounted beside the chair and not in a free floating arm pocket like in the Infinity Iyashi. USB links individual music selections to the pulsations of the SMC-6850, to tune your head while it rubs your body. Speakers in the arms or headphones enhance the experience.

Superior SMC-6850 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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All I can say is WOW! I am really amazed by this one. Perfect for taking away your pains and relaxing.

Tom's Guide

It has a lot of features that really guarantees a superior massage not to mention the speakers where I can always play and listen to soothing music while relaxing.

Tom's Guide