Super Feeder CSF-3 Cat Feeder

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CSF-3 Cat Feeder Specifications

11" x 10" x 15"
released date


the csf-3 cat feeder weighs 7 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
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Editorial Review

The Super Feeder CSF-3 Cat Feeder is a mid- to high-end automated cat feeder with features that can be found in less expensive models,. so you might want to do some research to see if this shiny and solid-looking autofeeder is what you and your cats are looking for.

It has the basic necessities of an automated cat feeder. It can be programmed to dispense a set amount of pellets up to eight times a day and will continue dispensing food indefinitely up until the food in the hopper runs out. If you're going away for a while and have several cats, you might want to buy the add-on hopper expansion, which stacks with the existing holder but also pushes this feeder further toward the high-end of the price scale. There's no Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can't control it remotely with a smartphone app as you can the slightly less expensive Petnet SmartFeeder. The manufacturer suggests that, if you want remote control, you can use a home automation system to switch it on and off remotely, but you'll be buying that home automation system on your own ticket, so the CSF-3 is not itself part of the Internet of Things.

Something to watch out for: There's a learning curve involved in both assembling and using the CSF-3. The manufacturer has helpfully put up a YouTube video to walk you through the steps, but it's not exactly plug-and-play. The timer is a digital appliance timer, so you could conceivably rig your own equivalent to the CSF-3 with a spare lamp timer and a less expensive feeder like the Pet-Mate Cat Mate C3000, (though this isn't necessarily recommended). Then again, if you're going out of town, you probably already have a use for that lamp timer.

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The scheduling for the food drop is cumbersome. It is essentially a timer you use for a living room light. You have your on time and off time.

Tom's Guide

The third indication, was the detailed, easy to understand instructions. The only minor issue we had was getting the digital timer programmed.

Tom's Guide

Digital timer instructions were also clear. It just takes time to sit down and focus and it can be done easily.

Tom's Guide

We got an extra clear plastic chute, and it will hold 6 days worth of food. Set-up is fairly easy, and all you need to remember is to fill it every 6 days.

Tom's Guide