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ASF-1 Specifications

7" x 3" x 7.3"
the asf-1 weighs 2.1 pounds


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Editorial Review

Cats and dogs get so much press and Interweb attention that it's easy to forget that fish are common pets as well. Their lack of incessant barking or puking in the sock drawer makes them all but negligible. Let's face it -- unless they're animated, fish aren't really interesting enough to hold an audience spellbound for 90 minutes. We need more drama. Films like Finding Nemo rail against the practice of fish-napping and ownership yet assuredly encourage people to want fish as pets. None of this negates the fact that, like mammals, fish need to be fed too, and sometimes, just as with our furry friends, we can't be relied upon to feed them. Hence the popularity of automatic fish feeders such as the poorly rated Nutrafin Nutramatic 2X or the better reviewed and more simply designed Fish Mate F14.

The ASF-1 Super Feeder is from the same company that distributes the top-heavy and bizarre-looking Super Feeder CSF-3XL Cat Feeder. The ASF-1 is a programmable aquarium feeder that can be operated via timer or home automation system using phone or Web. When utilizing a digital timer, feeding cycles can be spaced to 2-minute intervals. An overfeed protection system prevents unwanted random feeding so long as the remote timer is on during power interruptions. A reset switch is featured for initial portion set-up or manual feeding cycles while an internal electronic timer controls food distribution. So, a 24-hour timer with 30-minute tabs should provide up to 24 daily feeding cycles. Standing at less than 5 inches, the ASF-1 doles out flakes or pellets for up to 3/4-cup servings, with clear, stackable hopper extensions available as options.

This Super Feeder model accepts 9 to 24-VAC or DC, and comes with a power adapter and a 6-foot cord. There is also an auxiliary output terminal for connecting and triggering multiple feeders. The ASF-1 is weatherproof and sun-resistant, because really, who keeps their fish tank on the lawn? It is made from high-impact plastic in case you're feeding baby Great Whites. It sits on top of adjustable, non-skid rubber feet for unlevel surfaces, and includes a Moisture Trap funneling system to prevent jamming.

Super Feeder ASF-1 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Recently purchased this for my cats and am very happy with it. It was much smaller then I had anticipated but this turned out to be a good thing.

Tom's Guide

Perfect for feeding my fish. I have two of them and like them a lot. The hopper is huge, and holds lots of food, and the dispensing is quite even.

Tom's Guide

This works perfectly with Insteon system. Feeds the fish several times a day reliably, without mess. I use it for vacations!

Tom's Guide

Bought this for my wife's cats. Best feeder ever.

Tom's Guide