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XK1 Specifications

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the xk1 weighs 55.1 pounds


Editorial Review

Deep sea diving is not an activity for the timid. As it literally demands total immersion into perilous conditions, it is not a sport for half-measures. While free diving can be accomplished with relative ease and minimal expense, SCUBA demands a higher level of commitment in knowledge, equipment and financial outlay. One of the big-ticket items for the professional or determined sport diver is the DPV. Having very specific limitations of oxygen, the less of it spent kicking and thrashing about in the water on the way to the good stuff, the more that remains for enjoying it once you get there.

DPVs operate, but for a few exceptions, in a very similar fashion. The most common approach is for the diver to be pulled with either one or both hands gripping the handles. The very aquatic-looking Sea Doo RS1 is one of Sea Doo’s broad line of sea scooters directed toward the recreational user. They are light, easy to use and super affordable in comparison to the pro versions of effectively the same thing. The powerhouse Bonex SubGravity Reference RS is heavier than the RS1, and will run at full power for nearly 2 hours or cruise for over 4. For travel on the surface as well as beneath, the Seabob F5 S is fairly peppy for a DPV and rated for 100-foot depths.

Suex, maker of many DPVs of considerable expense, adds the XK1 to their line. It is a long-range underwater scooter that boasts of being the fastest on the market, an easier claim to make than deliver on. To be sure, its promoted speed of 282 feet per minute at full power is worthy of note, as is its very creditable burn time of 75 minutes at that rate. At a cruising speed of 180 to 200 fpm, the XK1 will deliver upwards of 300 minutes of submarine exploration. Constructed of highly anodized marine aluminum, risk of galvanic corrosion is minimal. The adoption of Radial O-ring sealing keeps the XK1 neutrally buoyant at any depth within the operational range because its volume does not change.

Suex XK1 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I have to say the Suex/Halcyon scooters are superb - especially the XK1 which is a beast...

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