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Xjoy 37 Specifications

31.3" x 16.9" x 13.4"
the xjoy 37 weighs 44.1 pounds


Editorial Review

There is an abundance of transportation options available for those on the move. The deceptively named hoverboards evoke images of otherworldly flotation that is rarely delivered upon, the consumer content with merely rolling differently. In another case of product irony, hoverboards cannot be taken aboard airliners, owing to some of their tendency to explode in flame, effectively land-locking them. Presently, the closest humans can come to the realization of hovering is in the water. Atop it one can float, but beneath it, with the right help, the sensation of flight can be realized. Of course, no system is perfect, so certain sacrifices must be made for this sensation, breathing being the most pressing. But there are many compensatory alternatives that reduce sure death to a reasonably good time, and they can be found at the local SCUBA emporium.

Once outfitted, the intrepid diver can choose how they want to get to where they're going, and sea scooters offer them a bunch of practical choices. The standard is the hang-on-and-be-towed method, which is by far the most popular. The Sea Doo RS1 is one of a large line of sea scooters with a wide range of prices. The Tusa SAV-7 offers a unique approach by having the diver straddle it, which leaves hands entirely free for submarine selfies. For use on the surface or while completely submerged, the versatile Seabob F5 S will move you swiftly at 12 mph.

Of the torpedo tug-bot variety, the Suex Xjoy 37 is similar to many of the sort in that it is pretty expensive. Designed for professional or recreational divers -- presumably those with high FICO scores -- the Xjoy 37 boasts a whopping 4-hour run-time on a charge. Touted as the highest performance, most reliable and lowest maintenance DPV available, it delivers 49 pounds of thrust and will operate down to 600 feet deep. It works with variable speed control and is balanced out of the box. It has a high-strength polyamide nylon shroud, propeller, and legs. It comes with a battery, a charger, a saltwater ballast, and an operations manual. Delivering added thrust, burn time and speed, the Xjoy 37 is ready for the waves.

Suex Xjoy 37 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I used the Xjoy 37 on my last trip and used it at Ginnie. Loved it! It is small, light and easy to maneuver. Speed wise, the Suex was as fast as the UV26. I highly recommend!

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