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Xjoy 2 Specifications

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the xjoy 2 weighs 30.8 pounds


Editorial Review

Scooting as a mode of transportation has attained new heights of popularity in the Western world. It has already surpassed creeping, crawling and slinking, and threatens to overtake walking as the primary means of going from one place to another. This is not a strictly terrestrial concern as scooting has made its impact on swimming as well. As with its land-based derivatives, water scooting takes on various forms to achieve similar functions. But whereas much land-based scooting is promoted for the purpose of actually going somewhere, most water scooting is designed for recreational activities. This is understandable as most people don’t work or shop in bodies of water. With global warming, this could change.

By far the largest number of water scooters are the fully immersed, hold-on-and-be-dragged type. Some of them are suggested for professional divers who do work in bodies of water, and for the most part look like ominous black torpedoes with handles near the spinning propeller. These tend to be pretty expensive and possess few frills, like the Logic Dive Gear Genesis 600 which, at maximum thrust, pulls a diver around for about 40 minutes. The Submerge Scooters Minnus has a 3-speed throttle and will function for between 45 and 90 minutes at depths down to 200 feet. The compact Bonex Subgravity Aquaprop is depth rated for 90 meters and can pull a laden diver at up to 50 meters a minute.

The Suex Xjoy 2 is marketed as a recreational DPV, which prices it in a more consumer friendly manner. It draws its power from a 24-volt NiMH battery, which provides about an hour of run time at speeds of 50 meters per minute. Weighing just over 30 lbs., it is not too cumbersome to schlep from the shore, and it is nimble and maneuverable once it gets in the water. It operates at a single, non-adjustable speed, which restricts its ability to throttle down. Depth rated for 80 meters, the Xjoy 2 is well suited for short-term, open water antics.

Suex Xjoy 2 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I dived the Xjoy 2 at the beginning of March on the GUE rescue weekend. It was a great little scooter. It's light and very maneuverable.

Tom's Guide

It's not a candidate for long distance cave dives, however for an openwater or wreck diving it has a lot going for it. It's nimble, maneuverable, lightweight yet tough.

Tom's Guide