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Xjoy 14 Specifications

31.1" x 17.2" x 13.4"
the xjoy 14 weighs 44.1 pounds


Editorial Review

Diving into a body of water requires significantly less commitment than diving in a body of water. Where the former demands little more than a desire to get wet, the other is much more focused on the whole not-drowning aspect of the activity. Not that board-divers are cavalier about drowning; it’s just that their shorter duration in the water and the shallower depths enjoyed by them diminish that as an overriding concern. Divers experience considerable motivational resistance as water, though thinner than blood, tends to be thicker than air, which makes movement sluggish and moist. Divers heavily laden with gear expend an inordinate amount of energy and oxygen just getting to where they wish to dive.

The DPV offers a solution to this, impelling divers to places otherwise difficult to reach and even bringing them back. It exists in a range of forms, from inexpensive pool toys like the Sea Doo Dolphin to super-expensive DPVs like the high-speed Seabob Cayago F7. Serious divers are more into the splash than flash, so the popular choice among them is the spare, utilitarian tubular scooter. Literally a thick shaft with a bullet head front and spinning propeller on the back, as popular as these are, specs can be more than a little dubious on some of them. For example, advertised as the fastest DPV, the Submerge Scooters Viper will pull a diver 225 feet per minute at 55 lbs. of thrust.

The Xjoy 14 is another in Suex's line of no-frills tugbots, which are constructed of Marine materials like Delrin, PYC, polycarbonate, and stainless steel to restrict corrosion. The Xjoy 14 is neutrally buoyant, which makes it easy to handle and safer for the diver. At 44 lbs., it is probably better launched from a boat than carried to the beach, and once in the water, it has 48.5 lbs. of static thrust. It has a maximum speed of 3 mph and travels 1.78 nautical miles for an hour when pushed. At cruise speed, the Xjoy 14 will travel 2.3 nautical miles for 100 minutes, and it has a maximum operational depth of 390 feet.

Suex Xjoy 14 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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What an amazing scooter! I really like this Xjoy 14. It is one sweet scooter. I have been putting off buying a scooter for years, glad I waited.

Tom's Guide

I have the Xjoy 14 for 2 years in use and am completely satisfied. Handy, reliable scooter for freshwater and saltwater. Safe maintenance costs...

Tom's Guide