Submerge Scooters Viper

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Viper Specifications

30.5" x 8.6" x 8.6"
the viper weighs 50.5 pounds


maximum speed


battery life



Editorial Review

When it comes to performance, speed is one of the things devoutly sought in things that move. A muscle car might be coveted because it tops out at 180 mph on roads that are geared closer to 50 or 60 mph and where legal speed limits are lower still. Popular 250-class race drones will fly in the region of 25 mph, while the crazy Walkera Furious 320 can tip the needle past 70 mph. The Top Mobility Challenger X Deluxe hums along at 18 mph, which doesn’t seem like much by way of comparison until you consider that it isn’t even rated for the street. 18 mph down the hallway or around the yard is formidable.

Clearly, speed, as appealing as it is, isn’t always the best option. Most submarine scooters keep it around 3 to 4 mph. On the surface is a different story, but air creates less drag than water and thus puts less pressure on the pilot. Scooters like the Sea Doo Explorer X and Tusa SAV-7 will pull or push intrepid divers under water with style and aplomb.

The Submerge Scooters Viper floats into the picture with claims of being the fastest DPV in the sea. And while that might or might not be, the question becomes, Is that necessarily desirable? While fish and aquatic mammals zip about with the abandon of flying birds, they don’t wear tanks and stuff to breathe. Scooters of the Viper pedigree are more utilitarian than recreational, and their function clearly outweighs their form, so torque and battery endurance should supersede speed considerations. To maximize the Viper experience, numerous upgrades are available, of course the price being a big one. At the top of its game, they suggest 225 feet per minute at 55 lbs. of thrust. In the optimum speed range of 180 to 200 fpm, the loaded Viper will travel 4 miles while at 150 fpm it bumps up to 6. Run times exist between 2 to 4 hours based upon applied variables.

Submerge Scooters Viper | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It goes without saying that the purchase turned out to be a very rewarding one so far, and I can highly recommend this scooter.

Tom's Guide

A major new feature of the Viper is the Venom speed control, which is an awesome little beast! On speed one it is possible to scooter through some very low passage.

Tom's Guide