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the minnus weighs 33 pounds


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The term 'scooter' has certainly evolved into some interesting manifestations as of late. In popular parlance, it refers to vehicles of numerous forms and sizes. Many of them exist as 2 wheels supporting a platform, which supports a rider, with an upright stem and handles to direct it. Some have 2 parallel wheels upon an axle/platform and are called hoverboards, although rolling is presently the best to expect from those, with spontaneous combustion on the opposing end of that fun spectrum. There are 3-wheeled versions, whereas mobility scooters have 4 and more, all with scooting as the primary objective. But wheels alone do not a scooter make, and options abound even for those who prefer their scootery with big helpings of moisture.

Scooting in massive volumes of water tends to float in 3 varieties – on the water, at the surface, and submerged. Beyond pure recreational ebullience, the submarine type offer a practical utility. Oxygen-breathing organisms are understandably precious about that gas when it exists in short supply. As moving through water is much more labor intensive than through air, divers are well served not using their supplies just getting to where they want to explore. To that end, sea scooters provide the ride. More like a sea skateboard, the Tusa SAV-7 will move you around while submerged, hands-free. The more conventional Sea Doo RS2 is stylish and light, depth rated for 160 ft.

The Submerge Scooters Magnus is as hefty as it is vague, weighing 64 lbs. and offering between 60 and 360 minutes of submerged motivation for 3.5 to 10 miles. The Minnus is the smaller sibling of the Magnus, tipping the scales at a manageable 33 lbs., and is but a paltry 22 inches long. Offering 20% more thrust, the Minnus has a 3-speed throttle for quick velocity adjustments, and will function for between 45 and 90 minutes. With redundantly sealed motor and battery compartments, the working elements stay dry, thus reducing corrosion. The standard nickel-metal-hydride battery can be upgraded to lithium polymer to double the run time and increase the speed from 200 ft. per minute to 240.

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This scooter was smaller, lighter, and has a sealed motor compartment. I think this is the best scooter in the Submerge lineup.

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