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Magnus Specifications

29.5" x 8.6" x 8.6"
the magnus weighs 64 pounds


maximum speed


battery life



Editorial Review

By any rational measure, diving is a very expensive avocation. The diving itself isn’t particularly pricey but the staying alive aspect can run into big bucks the deeper one aspires. Invariably, the farther we travel from water level without land directly under us, the greater the personal risk factor. The less gear required to achieve these levels, the greater the sense of contact with their forces. Some free-divers have reached depths in excess of 200 meters wearing next to nothing while flying still requires some kind of machine for all but human cannonballs.

To attain maximum depths with SCUBA gear, more and more divers have latched onto DPVs – Diver Propulsion Vehicles. These operate in a variety of ways, the two-hand hold behind a torpedo-like propulsion device being the familiar standard, like the Sea Doo RS1. A compelling method of propulsion drives the diver with the Tusa SAV-7, pushing rather than pulling. This frees up both hands for photography and fish punching. For those who aren’t ready to sit on their DPV but still like at least one hand free, there are options. The Hollis H-160 will move you one-handed, but only if you dig deep with the other.

Submerge Scooters Magnus wants you to dig deeper still. And not unlike the H-160, it floats up with some vagueness. Some specs offer an endurance range of between 60 minutes and 360 minutes, a good sized between to anyone under water. Range is equally porous between 3.5 to 10 miles, and these both seem good things to know in making a purchase decision. It operates with an 888-watt lithium-polymer battery which is not approved for travel in passenger airlines. Speeds approaching 300 feet a minute with a single cylinder sound exciting, but again, how close do they approach? Not sure under the water and can’t fly. Might look nice in the living room.

Submerge Scooters Magnus | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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My Magnus when ran at full throttle . . . which I have done many times, has had high heat issues on the motor cone . . . yet it proved to run strong time after time.

Tom's Guide

The Magnus is the toughest, fastest, light weight and most versatile scooter by far. Made for explores and recreational enthusiast alike.

Tom's Guide

The real magic is revealed in the water, with the speed control at your fingertips. I was blown away at how beneficial this was in conserving gas and energy.

Tom's Guide

This Magnus comes with a shallow nose cone with the integrated handle, the deep nose cone without a handle and an additional bulkhead for increased depth tolerance.

Tom's Guide

The Magnus is a great all-rounder. Fast, lightweight, comfortable with still great endurance. I typically grab it for almost all dives.

Tom's Guide