Stiga Autoclip 522

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Autoclip 522 Specifications

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the autoclip 522 weighs 34.6 pounds


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has bluetooth

Editorial Review

The Stiga Autoclip 522 is an intelligent lawnmower that could well be the best deal in its price range, though don't let that stop you from comparison shopping. The standout feature on the 522 is the stainless steel used in the blades, but it also has an intelligent spiral grass cutting algorithm and the sense to come in out of the rain.

Stiga is a Swedish yard and garden care company that was founded in 1934 to sell ping pong equipment. Their original name was Stigma, which probably didn't play well in the English-speaking market. Somehow, over two decades, they made the transition from table tennis tycoons to lords of the lawnmower. Whatever prompted that change, the company is now a major player in the market for mowers, both manual and robotic (plus snow blowers for those times when the lawn is inaccessible and probably not growing anyway). Like the Stiga Autoclip 524 S, the 522 allows the user to set up an electronic perimeter wire that demarcates the area where cutting is desirable and where it isn't, like the garden or the neighbor's lawn. You position its charging station at a fixed distance from the perimeter and program the unit to observe that distance when it's trying to remember where its home base has gotten off to.

The 522 contains a gyroscope to trigger an intelligent spiral pattern for grass cutting and it can be driven via remote if necessary, like an earthbound drone. It senses rain and seeks out the protective cover of its station to avoid damage. The company brags that its stainless steel blades make it the finest "standard robot cutter" on the market. But compare it with the plethora of other robomowers currently available, like the Honda Miimo 300 and the Lawnbott LB300EL, which will also tell you that they're the best at what they do.

Stiga Autoclip 522 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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Autoclip doesn't need the installation of an additional guide wire as common robots. When needing recharge, autoclip detects the shortest way to the charging station.

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Never remove perfect cutting result back grass cutting.

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It can optionally be paused, disabled or fine tuned to better match your local weather conditions.

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The tilt sensor is a protective device and interrupts the motor as soon as the robot lawn mower to starkt prone and threatens to fall.

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