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the mini weighs 275.6 pounds


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remote control included

Editorial Review

Some robots are built to work as relatively free agents whereas most are restricted to direct human command. Certainly this would seem to pose a contentious circumstance among bots and their biological masters, but thus far there has been a paucity of complaints. The primary devices to have achieved a level of botonomy are the robovac and robomower, while the poolbot is tethered but still comparably free-range. These devices with minimal or no programming will scurry about their inhaling or choppy ways and perform their respective functions with varying degrees of adequacy. Some of them do not generate a particularly high rate of user approval, in part owing to dubious design or realization, but usually because they don’t do that comprehensive a job.

It looks like, at least at this technological juncture, that people still prefer the results of human labor over machine decision-making, at least when it comes to cleaning and mowing. The rare poolbot or robovac will come remote-controlled, but there are several mowers that need that human guidance. The 22-inch blade, RC rotary mower Evatech S Class can climb 30-degree grades and chop around at up to 10 mph, outclassing its 7-mph sibling, the Evatech RCLM BE. The brutish Spider ILD 02 will go 5 mph, weighs over 700 lbs., and is run by an RC transmitter with an operational range of 500 feet.

The compact version of the Spider ILD is the burly Spider Mini. Like its kin, it operates on internal combustion, utilizing a 6.5-hp Briggs and Stratton with a hydrostatic transmission. It is designed for mowing areas too difficult or dangerous for humans to operate in, particularly slopes where tractors would pose problems with their high centers of gravity. The single rotary blade has a cutting width of 22 inches and can be height-adjusted between 40 and 90 millimeters. The Mini will work its mulching madness on slopes of up to 25 degrees and will mow up to 1500-square meters an hour.

Spider Mini | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The compact machine offers a 56cm width of cut and can access smaller and more difficult areas on wooded slopes, river banks and other constricted areas.

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Compact in size...It's light weight, ensures low fuel consumption and emissions, a turf friendly foot-print and easy transportation.

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Works in extreme conditions such as steep slopes and difficult terrain due to a lower center of gravity and a unique design.

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