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Editorial Review

Anyone not from either Japan or France might get a shock the first time they use a robotic toilet seat. Press a button and suddenly streams of water will start massaging your body in unexpected places, the sorts of places where normally only water from the shower goes. It's these jets of water that are the main selling point of robotic toilet seats -- or e-bidets, as they're sometimes called.

Bidets (the non-electronic kind) are common in France and are used for quick bursts of cleaning between showers, but they've never caught on in the English-speaking world. Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto introduced an automated version of the bidet into Japan in 1980 when it launched its line of "washlets," which were so successful that robotic toilets are now as ubiquitous in Japan as bidets are in France, possibly more so. And that ubiquity is gradually spilling over into the American market.

The American company Spaloo (the name is a combination of "spa" and the British slang term for toilets, "loo") was founded by someone who was so impressed by Japanese toilets that he brought the e-bidet concept home with him. The Spaloo Primus Spa Seat attaches to ordinary toilets and adds bidet functions along with a heated seat and a push-button remote. Once installed, the Primus produces front and back jets of water to clean the anatomical regions that bidets are designed to clean. To keep your clothes from getting soaked, the jets of water are followed by jets of warm air, not unlike the kind you dry your hands with in public restrooms.

Spaloo advertises the Primus as beneficial for users with urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids. This is doubtlessly true of all bidets, though, and you might want to consider competing models like the Geberit Aquaclean 5000 Plus or even full robotic toilets like the Toto Washlet G500.

Spaloo Primus | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The Primas works well...only complaint I have is that the plastic seat starts to develop fractures after several years of use.

Tom's Guide

The warm seat is most inviting on cold mornings. All the settings are very adjustable. As a hairy guy, it's perfect for cleaning up down there.

Tom's Guide