Spadger R1

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R1 Specifications

Dim 1
the r1 weighs 23.1 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


Editorial Review

In the age of the campus hoverboard, the Spadger R1 more fits in than stands out. Incredibly similar to the rest of the hoverboard market, the Spadger R1 is a paved-road only board, arriving on the cheaper side of the market. It also comes UL 2722 certified—so no need to worry about the odd explosion here or there.

Most everything about the Spadger R1 is around as standard as it gets—though it does boast one advantage. Capable of travelling twenty miles on a single charge, the R1 plugs along for a good five to ten miles more than most hoverboards made in its time. This is likely due to the R1's relatively light weight and inability to go off-road, sparing the extra juice needed to power through tough terrain. The max speed is quite average, as is the maximum incline the R1 can handle (15 degrees, give or take). If you live in an area replete with flat, well-maintained roadways, the R1's excellent dollar-per-mile ratio is at its highest value.

While self-balancing "hoverboards" might all look the same, and while most of them might actually be the same, there does exist some variety within the category. As mentioned previously, boards like the Epikgo Premier come equipped with nice, hardy tires to handle a range of terrain. Segway's Ninebot Minipro is like your typical hoverboard with a seat appended to it, so if the standing is what stopped you from buying, look no further.

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Item was supposed to be new. Arrived cracked and had dusty shoe prints on the footpads. Clearly not new. Very disappointed!

Tom's Guide

I would give this product 10 stars if I could. It looks great and maneuvers very easy. Safe to ride and battery lasts a long time! Awesome!

Tom's Guide