Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix

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Smoke-Tronix Specifications

20" x 20.5" x 40.5"
the smoke-tronix weighs 88 pounds


phone controllable
has bluetooth
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Editorial Review

Old-fashioned barbecuing is so...old fashioned. If you're tired of lighting coals, inhaling toxic amounts of lighter fluid and smoking up the backyard with black clouds of eye-burning particles, barbecue is the latest frontier in smart products. Let a computer do the hard part for you. Reserve your strength for serving up sumptuous platters of meat and slicing the pot roast. The Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix, which looks a bit like a supermarket refrigerator, has a built-in drawer for wood chips, to produce that lovely smoked flavor, and a water port to keep your meat from drying out while it's getting smoked. There are four chrome-plated cooking grids so that you can cook your whole smoky meal at one time, vegetables and all. The Smoke-Tronix contains 4.5 cubic feet of space, which allows up to 1,000 square inches of meal to serve a large party. You'll be the hit of the July Fourth pre-fireworks crowd.

And, this being a smart device, it comes with an app and a Bluetooth connection that lets you control a lot of its functions from the comfort of your backyard picnic table. No more ignoring your friends while you flip the meat on the grill or pull out the fire extinguisher to put out flames in an emergency. There's a built-in meat probe, so you'll know when the roast needs to come out, and an LED light that keeps the interior lit so that you don't confuse the bell peppers with the squash. The door latches tight so it won't pop open and ruin the meal while you're distracted by the Heineken. And there's a grease tray in the bottom so that you can clean out the mess in the blissful silence after the fireworks are over and your guests have taken taxis home if the Heineken was too plentiful.

The Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix isn't the only automated barbecue on the market. For a slightly different take on the same concept, try the Char-Broil Smart-Chef Digital Electric Smoker 15202043-A1, which will also simplify your barbecue. Or just cook everything in a Gourmia GMC680 and serve it when the guests arrive.

Smoke Hollow Smoke-Tronix | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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It's very easy to use, well built, and produces some awesome food. Heating element placement and chip tray capacity, are the two biggest differences from the MB.

Tom's Guide

Overall a great smoker, nearly a 5. I'd bump it to a 5 rating if they could improve the bluetooth functionality. Wifi vs. bluetooth would be a great enhancement as well.

Tom's Guide