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Direct Command Specifications

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the direct command weighs 29 pounds


remote control included
has scheduling
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Editorial Review

In promotion, broad terms are used to generate the widest appeal to the consuming public. Specifics are avoided as they tend to require qualification, and in the interest of the big picture, details are left for the fine print. Or the website. Unfortunately, as with many products, websites come up wanting, offering promotional material instead of actual specs. In order to make qualified purchasing decisions, the consumer can only operate based upon the information that is provided to them, and “Works Great!” -- while promising -- still shakes out as a trifle vague. When it comes to many bots, especially of the suction variety, the specifics of their endeavors are not always forthcoming.

Poolbots are a serviceable example. The Aquabot Classic works the bottom and climbs the walls with aplomb but also states that it filters 4000 gallons of water an hour while cleaning 3500 square feet of pool. And like the Water Tech Blue Diamond RC, it filters particulate matter down to 2 microns. The Aquafirst Super Rover claims to filter up to 8000 gallons an hour but it works exclusively on the bottom, so it doesn’t expend precious energy climbing the walls, thus giving it the no-edge edge.

The Smartpool Direct Command rolls in with an impressive name, sounding as if it might just compel you to clean the pool instead. Designed for in-ground pools of 20 by 40 feet, it cleans and scrubs the bottom, the walls, waterline, and steps. It has 3 operational modes -- 1-hour fast-track, 3-hour cycle, or remote control steering. Like the Blue Diamond RC, the Direct Command has remote control with full user interface for spot cleaning. With dual direct drive motors for enhanced traction and Pin-Point Navigation, it finds its way to where the dirt hangs out. Its Gel-Pro Brushes are gentle enough for vinyl and fiberglass but tough enough for concrete. The Direct Command employs a quick-drain system that makes retraction from the water light duty, with it weighing only 10 lbs. dripping wet. It has a 60-foot, kink-resistant cord that, according to users, requires unkinking after 10 or so uses. Brush-to-port cyclonic suction engulfs sand, grit, leaves, and acorns, sluicing them through the Super-Capacity filter bag.

Smartpool Direct Command | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 3

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This unit was only used 20 or 30 times over 2 seasons before it completely stopped working. It was kept indoors all winter long and not used anyways.

Tom's Guide

Unit failed right after the warranty expired. Motherboard and water pump are integrated units, prone to failure and very expensive.

Tom's Guide

Arrived damaged. There were even dead insects in the box and so I returned.

Tom's Guide