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Editorial Review

The people at the Smartpool company must like sun and heat, because in addition to pool products they make solar heating systems and saunas. Taken together, you could go directly from your solar-heated sauna to a cleansing dip in a pool freshly cleaned by the Smartpool 4i automated pool cleaner and protected by a Smartpool safety system. If life were all sunshine and swimming, Smartpool could run your entire existence. Perhaps in a perfect world, they'd also cater your pool parties.

The 4i is for above-ground pools up to 28 feet long and small in-ground pools. It's designed for cleaning the pool floor, not so much for climbing the walls, but it can find its way intelligently around the pool for maximum efficiency and thorough cleaning. It can handle vinyl, fiberglass and concrete surfaces and turns itself off automatically after two hours to conserve power. (The one thing almost all smart products have in common is that they try not to waste power, which is reason enough to own one, at least for chores you don't want to exert your own muscle power accomplishing. Muscles are very environmentally friendly and using them is, in most cases, friendly to your health.)

Some users complain that the 4i has a limited lifespan and an even more limited warranty, which may not even be available for online purchases. Factor that into the equation when you compare its price with similar cleaners. And similar cleaners are available by the dozens. Just to cite a random sample there's the Water Tech Blue Pearl, Smartpool's own Direct Command and the wonderfully named Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830.

Smartpool 4i | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Best thing I have ever bought. I was really hesitant on spending the money but sure glad I did.

Tom's Guide

Very disappointed with this product and Smart Pool's refusal to stand behind warranty.

Tom's Guide

Works great! Love my smart pool cleaner. Owned one before and wanted another pool cleaner just like our old one. I was happy to find they still made them.

Tom's Guide