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SB-1000 Specifications

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the sb-1000 weighs 14.5 pounds


remote control included
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Editorial Review

If you've been longing for a robotic toilet seat with all the usual features and feel a little squeamish about buying a used one that's been accommodating some other person's private parts, a brand new Smartbidet SB-1000 is about as good a deal as you're going to find on the market. For a price that's probably less than the cost of your monthly utility bills, you can get an add-on seat with full cleansing functions, including a turbo wash and an oscillating wash, a heated place for your posterior, a warm-air dryer, and soft-closing lid. There are even multiple, self-cleansing nozzles in the interior cleaning wand so you can wash yourself front and back at the same time. For that range of features, this is pretty much the cheapest thing on the market.

And the list of features doesn't end there. You can set both the water pressure and the dryer intensity at five different levels. Both the water and the seat can be set to three different temperatures, depending on what your nether regions find comfortable. The nozzles can be moved to five different positions, so you can adjust them to both your anatomy and the areas you want cleaned. The nozzles perform their self-cleaning functions both before and after you use them, so you won't be washing yourself with anybody else's germs.

The smart bidet seat concept has been trickling out of Asia and into the west for nearly four decades, courtesy of companies like Toto in Japan and Smartbidet in Korea. You can buy anything from a basic seat like this one to a full bidet toilet fit for royalty. If all you want is a seat to add on to your existing toilet, also look at the Kohler C3-200. the Duravit Sensowash Starck C or the Biobidet USPA 6800. If you'd rather not go through the hassle of retrofitting your existing toilet hardware, you can also spring for a full bidet toilet. Look at the Kohler Numi, the Roca In-Wash Khroma or the Toto Neorest 750H.

Smartbidet SB-1000 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

SB-1000 Reviews From Around The Web


I'm very pleased with the quality and functions...can heat the water, the toilet seat and the blown air used for drying. The remote is easy to use. It feels comfortable.

Tom's Guide

Very easy to install, anyone can do it! The seat is nice and comfortable and the controls are easy to use and very good for you.

Tom's Guide

No endless hot water and I have to keep it on all the time...has a longer nozzle...Overall I consider it superior model for half the price.

Tom's Guide

It's good it has energy saving feature...The remote control unit sometimes doesn't respond well.

Tom's Guide

Easy to install...It seems that every detail was carefully considered in the design...well-made bidet with all the features you could possibly want.

Tom's Guide

Very easy to install...Once all the plumbing connections are done, all you need to do is plug in and relax...has it's own small tank which ensures that you get warm water.

Tom's Guide