Smart Scoot Travel Lightweight

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Travel Lightweight Specifications

Dim xl
the travel lightweight weighs 40 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


battery life


Upc n
738759  821392

Editorial Review

For those of limited mobility, the electric scooter offers enhanced freedom of movement if they possess the physical strength to move it. Some of them are not light devices. Companies like Tzora Active Systems, Pride Mobility and EV Rider produce high-quality, affordable scooters to meet an increasingly heavy demand. SmartScoot joins the fray with their TM Lightweight Scooter, insisting that it is the world's best.

Best or not, there is no doubt that it is SmartScoot’s favorite. Living up to its name, it is extremely light. At 40 lbs. fully assembled, it is about 20 pounds less than the 3-wheeled Tzora Elite and almost 70 lbs. lighter than the comparatively hefty Pride Go-Go Sport 3. While the 3-wheeler from Tzora appears sparse yet functional, and the Pride Go-Go seems downright comfy, the SmartScoot TM looks absolutely skeletal. It doesn't even have armrests or on-board storage. Its frame is stainless steel, which no doubt attests to its 250-pound carrying capacity, but there does not appear to be any place for that weight to go. Stability is maintained via a front wheel drive with an in-hub motor and adjustable rear wheels. The entire unit breaks down into multiple pieces, so it can be folded and stored almost anywhere. It features 3 speeds and runs on rechargeable lithium ion batteries which provide up to 12 miles worth of power on a single charge. This is more mileage than the Tzora or the Pride.

The SmartScoot bills itself as a scooter for active people who may need a bit of assistance on occasion. That may be why there is no platform on which to place the feet; rather, there are foot pedals as on a bicycle. The seat is adjustable but it does not convey comfort because the back rest support bar is the only thing on which the lower part of the back rests. The only storage is a wire basket that hooks onto the front handle bars.

Smart Scoot Travel Lightweight | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I do love it, and people everywhere admire it. It is light & easy for my husband to put in his suv, it is sharp looking and turns on a dime...

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It is a very good piece of equipment and I am very happy with it.

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