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Sky02S Specifications

6.6" x 3.6" x 1.6"
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Editorial Review

FPV headsets are the logical next step in drone technology, allowing the user to have a visual flying experience that's neither augmented nor virtual. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...well, you, peering down from above with the eyes of a light-sensitive hawk, held aloft by the wind beneath your drone's gyroscopically stabilized wings as you or a friend steer it over the local park or public beach. The Skyzone Sky02S is a pair of 3D goggles designed to work with a SCAM302 3D camera and STX202 two-way transmitters on your drone that will not only give you a three-dimensional view from your quadcopter's POV but will send head-tracking signals to that camera so that it will tilt in the direction your head is looking. The DVR function, which records video as well as audio to an SD card (up to 32 gig in size), will allow you to preserve your experience for posterity, so that your grandchildren can look back one day and wonder why their grandfather even needed a drone, since they fly to school every day on their personal jetpacks, but you'll be able to remind them how tough it was to fly back here in the early 21st century and how you still had to walk to school every day through three feet of snow, uphill both ways.

The Sky02S will receive 854 x 480 resolution video images through its 5.8g diversity receiver and will also give you an old-fashioned 2D image if you want (or if that's all your quad's camera is capable of). The field of view is 30 degrees. There are sliders on the bottom of the unit to adjust the interpupillary distance, so wide-eyed and narrow-eyed users can both set the view up so that they won't be cross-eyed or seeing double. The receiver works on 40 channels, which is more than the earlier Skyzone model could handle, so you can avoid interfering signals from other quads. HDMI input is included, but doesn't work with the DVR.

If this doesn't float your flying boat, also look at the Walkera Goggle 4, the Fat Shark Dominator and the Yuneec Skyview.

Skyzone Sky02S | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Fantastic goggles for FPV and with the ability for 3D setup makes them outstanding. The quality is fantastic and they are in my opinion way better than FatSharks.

Tom's Guide

Total garbage. Looks nice from outside and total junk inside. Screen quality is from 1990s. Camera quality is even worse than that. Lousy junk!

Tom's Guide

Fantastic on native 16:9, and still great on 4:3 cams. Crystal clear optics compared to Fat shark HD3. Excellent. Must for 16:9 cameras.

Tom's Guide