Siemens Versicharge Wi-Fi Smart

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Versicharge Wi-Fi Smart Specifications

14.5" x 6.5" x 16"
released date


the versicharge wi-fi smart weighs 14.5 pounds


phone controllable
has wifi
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Editorial Review

There are three levels of electric vehicle charger, with the highest level belonging exclusively to highly powered stations, typically established by a private company as a gas-station equivalent for EVs. Levels 1 and 2 are typically the domain of home chargers; level 1 chargers, like this one, simply append to existing outlets, whereas level 2 devices like this one provide faster charging at a higher price. The Siemens Versicharge is a level 2 charger, and a fairly premium quality one at that, meeting your EV charging needs with some nice added features to boot.

First things first: why pay for level 2 charging, nifty features aside? The answer is simple: owners of level 2 stations report their charging times reducing by up to 70% following the switch. You pay for both convenience and peace of mind — who doesn't let the gas go too low before a big drive sometimes? And with EV charging stations often more infrequently appearing on the roadside than gas stations, quick charging can really be a lifesaver when in a time crunch. The Versicharge is also power-saving, both by automatically turning off when appropriate and through integration within a wider "Internet of Things" framework, allowing you to plan charge times to take advantage of changes in rates of electricity cost. Siemens also partnered with a solar electricity firm to further ensure your positive environmental impact by connecting the Versicharge to a Sunrun solar panel.

If you're shopping for an EV charger, you've likely already put some thought into your personal impact on the environment and decided to manage it to the best of your abilities (kudos to you). Thanks to you and others like you, 19.2% of global energy consumption and 23.7% of production is achieved via renewable sources. Keep fighting the good fight, and enjoy your clean, quiet drive today.

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I almost never review or return products, I did in this case. Problems maintaining a WIFI connection. Unit locked up and had to be restarted.

Tom's Guide

The Wifi is not always working and the software is not adapted for countries outside US like Canada, we cannot enter a Canadian address to register the unit.

Tom's Guide