Siemens Versicharge Standard

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Versicharge Standard Specifications

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the versicharge standard weighs 18.8 pounds


Editorial Review

The Siemens Versicharge Standard is one of several electric charger options available today for your electric vehicle. Whereas commercial chargers regularly run in the price range of several thousands of dollars, the Versicharge and its competitors offer a relative bargain and convenient form befitting personal use. A level 2 charger, the Versicharge Standard is the next step above plugging your electric vehicle into a household wall outlet – an ideal purchase for those facing longer commutes with their electric vehicle – or those simply looking for a sensible, aesthetically pleasing home charging station upgrade.

The more concrete benefits of switching from level 1 charging to the Versicharge (or one of its competitors) are clear-cut. Charging times can be reduced by up to 70% – meaning the full charge that would take, say, 18 hours (typical for level 1 charging) takes a mere five hours and twenty-four minutes. Additionally, Siemens partnered with a solar power provider to craft a solar solution to your Versicharge power source – granting an exclusive opportunity to further extend your positive economic impact.

With each passing year, electric vehicles become more and more of a commonplace sight on roadways across the world. In December of 2016, global sales of plug-in cars and vans exceeded two million. Just eight years earlier, Tesla began its radical ascent into the nascent market, delivering just the 100th Tesla Roadster to the one hundredth deep pocketed customer who took a chance on a new, greener tomorrow. Projecting forward, one can only imagine at the wonders of electric transport that the future promises to hold.

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Works Great! This is what the car should have from the factory.

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I've been using it for a month now, and it has worked as advertised.

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The Siemens VersiCharge is a modern, highly-integrated charging solution from a reliable company that knows how to design an amazing product

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