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the versicharge home hard-wired weighs 14.5 pounds


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Editorial Review

The 21st century, if this site is any indicator, is and will be the age of intelligent electric tools, not least among these being electric vehicles. Few companies know electric appliances better than the 160+ year-old Siemens, a company that shows how long entrenched firms can still manage to extend into, and compete well in, developing technological domains. Their Versicharge line of products is as strong as any of the company's many other offerings, with this particular model serving as a cost-effective, no frills Level 2 charger for your electric vehicle.

Level 2 chargers for the home serve as an upgrade over Level 1 chargers, which are basically attachments that hasten the flow of electricity directly from the outlet to your EV. The switch from Level 1 to 2 will cut your charge time by roughly 70% — a significant convenience for those who can afford it. This Versicharge model happens to be the "Indoor-only" hard-wired model, with a 14 foot cable, as contrasted with the indoor/outdoor model (with its 20 foot cable) and the full-featured model, a much more expensive charger equipped with the WiFi connectivity and "smart" functionality seen in other high-end options.

It is unlikely that Sir Charles William Siemens (formerly Carl Wilhelm) could have foreseen this particular branch of the company bearing his namesake's operations. Back in the mid 1800's, Siemens made a name for himself as the inventor of the Siemens regenerative furnace, an early method of energy-saving combustion that burned hot enough to melt steel. There is perhaps some irony in a company founded by someone who built their initial success on combustion now producing products that will one day (probably) eliminate combustion engines; irony aside, the world Siemens is helping bring, one of significantly reduced emissions and carbon footprints, is one that is only possible with your informed dedication to its cause.

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This charger just works and is simple enough to install. The design is clean and simple. I use it for my BMW i3 and cannot be happier.

Tom's Guide

Broken handle right out of the box. Seems like poor quality plastic and design. Bad handle design on this Siemens EV charger.

Tom's Guide