Segway Ninebot Minipro

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Ninebot Minipro Specifications

20" x 10" x 22"
the ninebot minipro weighs 28 pounds


maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


phone controllable
has bluetooth
a video

Editorial Review

The masters of walking avoidance, Segway, have added to their curious line with the Ninebot Minipro. As with their more traditional fare, this one is ridden standing, but without the stem and control housing. To steer it, a short adjustable stem with pads comes up between the rider’s knees or thighs, and direction is guided there. As with other hoverboard things, forward motion is achieved by leaning and restricted by leaning the opposite direction. For a device that includes “Fun” as one of its attributes, it seems less than friendly to control, the rider leaning and pressing with their legs while attempting to maintain balance on a device that can go up to 10 mph. It also has a tendency to keep going when the rider has called it quits. For no reason in particular, it can be remotely controlled by a Bluetooth connection.

Given the shoddy nature of so many consumer robots, it seems that they might do a better job of designing and building themselves better than people do. This is by no means a blanket condemnation as there are many fine bots out there improving the quality of life for countless numbers of people and bots. However, certain devices with popular appeal exist that can little be seen as anything but impediments to the hard-won harmony between man and machine. And women too. In the 19th century, bots took on traditionally human jobs, casting countless people into unemployment. In the 20th century, they started assembling themselves, putting even bot builders on the dole.

Now, in the 21st century, they exist in such fecundity that even our walking has become relegated to their mercies. When ambulation is achieved by robot, it is called scooting. For those who are injured or incapacitated, scooters provide useful motivation. For those interested in injury or incapacitation, bots got them covered too. Some of these are so dangerous they cannot be legally used in New York City or the whole of the United Kingdom. Hoverboards like the Street Saw Alien Saw can't even be taken on airlines owing to their unfortunate habit of exploding in flame and stuff. The Segway wannabe Airwheel S5 is fairly stripped down whereas the Airwheel S6 can be ridden while ridiculously seated.

Segway Ninebot Minipro | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4.5

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It's definitely fun to ride around . . . You want to keep riding as soon as you get off.

Tom's Guide

It can slowly roll away when sitting by itself even when on a flat surface. This is surely a gyroscope issue, but it shouldn't move unless being controlled

Tom's Guide

It's much easier to get on and off . . . Stepping on the footpads doesn't automatically cause the scooter to move.

Tom's Guide

Quiet, smooth and responsive, a real joy to ride. It could stop on a dime, and it allowed me to weave in and out of groups of people with the subtlest of body movements.

Tom's Guide