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V7 Specifications

the v7 weighs 6.5 pounds


phone controllable
remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling
has hepa filter
has bluetooth

Editorial Review

Imagine the life of a robotic vacuum cleaner -- happily spinning across polished wood floors like an ice-skating Frisbee, sneaking your side brushes into the corners to reach dust bunnies that a regular vacuum cleaner couldn't begin to touch, sucking up enough pet fur to create your own personal hairball, racing right up to the edge of the basement stairs and almost falling down to a certain death at the bottom except that your cliff detectors notice the drop-off just in time. What an exciting life it must be -- right up until your owner hits the button on the Bluetooth remote that tells you that your workday is over and you can spend the rest of the afternoon dreaming of electric sheep or whatever it is that robotic vacuum cleaners do on their time off.

The Segarty Ilife V7 is at the low end of vacubots, an incredible bargain compared to those hoity-toity housecleaning androids from companies like Roomba and Neato. But not everybody needs hoity-toity. The Ilife comes with all the essentials. It can be set to run in four different modes: autocleaning, where it figures out what a room needs cleaned without any help from its owner; spot-cleaning mode, where its owner can put it on a spot that needs extra work and just let it run; edge-cleaning mode, where the side-brush turns on when an obstacle (presumably another wall) is encountered); and scheduling mode, where it can be programmed to operate at specific times.

User reviews are mostly good, but if you want to check out some other low-end robovacs, take a look at the Infinuvo QQ2 Basic or the Techko Maid RV218 .

Segarty Ilife V7 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

V7 Reviews From Around The Web


To start the auto-mode simply push the "clean" button on the vac, remote or app. The robot will then start to clean and returns once its empty.

Tom's Guide

Very good quality product. Works excellent, cleans well, doesn't bump or gets stuck and will not dive off the stairs.

Tom's Guide

I am very pleased to be here to get this smart sweeper. It makes me very surprised.

Tom's Guide

I am impressed with this Smart cleaner. It is fast, super-fast, and the spinning side brushes help to clean dust and pet hair from the corners and baseboards of hard flooring.

Tom's Guide