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D730 Specifications

the d730 weighs 7.7 pounds


remote control included
battery life


self charging
has scheduling
has hepa filter
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Editorial Review

The Seebest D730 is a low-to-mid-range robot vacuum cleaner from China that comes with double-layered HEPA filters and a wet-mopping feature. It comes with a small black remote that allows you to set such parameters as auto-cleaning mode (where it will return automatically to its charger when the battery is spent) and speed. You can also use the remote to schedule cleaning in advance, so that you don't have to be home (or awake) to start it when cleaning time rolls around.

The D730 is built in the standard saucer shape made familiar by robovac makers since the early 2000s and is flat on top so that it will more easily slide beneath furniture. It performs wet-cleaning using a mop and a 0.5 liter water tank. If you get bored, you can whip out the remote and drive it, using the remote the way you'd use the controller for a Playstation, steering the D730 across the floor. It has four pairs of edge detectors. Presumably they come in pairs for 3D vision, giving them depth perception so they don't fall down the stairs, and there are four of them so this works in every direction.'

The D730 has a colllision-detection system built in so, if confronted with a scared dog or angry piece of furniture, it can go around it. You can set the unit for two different speeds, fast for a rapid but superficial cleaning and slow for a deep cleaning that'll burn up a bit more battery life (and time). It can climb mild slopes, up to 15 degrees. The battery offers up to two hours of cleaning before the unit heads off to its charger (assuming you've left it in auto-cleaning mode). Once run down, it will take another three hours to charge back up.

For alternative robovacs, check out the company that popularized the concept, iRobot, with their high-end and expensive Roomba 980, the Dibea D900 or the Botvac D80, from another popular robovac company, Neato.

Seebest D730 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Robot vacuum cleaner is just great! Joy knew no bounds when he came and we turned it on - and removes large and small dirt.

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