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F5 S Specifications

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the f5 s weighs 77.2 pounds


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Enjoying the open water is no longer just for swimmers and fish and stuff. Since the invention of SCUBA – self-contained underwater breathing apparatus – humans barely able to swim have become able to enjoy the benefits of total immersion into life’s great solution. This is not to suggest, nor advocate, anything but proficiency when taking to water, just that technology has broadened its accessibility. Especially to those with some money to invest. Since the motorboat and water-skis were invented, machines have been dragging people around in the water at their behest. This is often exhilarating, frequently exhausting and pretty much always wet.

For those who find the immersive experience incomplete unless they are totally committed, scooters like the Sea Doo RS1 will pull one around for nearly 90 minutes on a battery charge. Those preferring to be pushed around under the water could find the Tusa SAV-7 right up their alley. Those hearty types who want to be closer to the water than a jet-ski allows, but unburdened by cumbersome SCUBA gear, might like the Seabob F5 S for aquatic motivation above and below the surface.

Weighing in at 77 pounds, it is designed to achieve neutral buoyancy which makes it very maneuverable and pretty peppy for a hand-held electric jet, topping out at 12 mph. It will putt around for approximately 3 hours, but at full juice goes about an hour before needing a 90-minute recharge. The in-dash display monitors the depth settings, speed, battery charge and the 6 power settings. The F5 S can be set to dive to over 100 feet deep, but given that it lives in the realm of 5 figures off-the-shore, many prefer to keep it closer to the surface and oxygen. It has a float-home mode programmed in the depth settings which upon reaching the set limit, the F5 S shuts off and floats to the surface.

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Though it is quite heavy, the unit is designed to be neutrally buoyant which makes it extremely versatile and easy to maneuver, even for a novice

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The Seabob F5 S is a unique and marvelously fun novelty. The craft allows you to cover plenty of snorkeling territory without having to work hard.

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. . . Can be used in both small and large pool complexes. Steering is extremely easy and it’s done by shifting your body weight in any direction.

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The F5 is an agile craft that uses an ultralight, high-strength polymer body to keep its weight down to 64 lb.

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While the price tag is a little steep, you are paying for a high-quality, high-power machine that is sure to create incredible and fun memories for years to come.

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