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the pro weighs 13 pounds


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Editorial Review

During World War Two, Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Snow Car Limited introduced their first snow-mobile, a half-track with skis on the front and Caterpillar treads driving it. Since then, the evolved Bombardier Recreational Products have turned their brutish military snow-grinders into the sleek and popular Ski-Doo recreational vehicles. Realizing that the market for defrosted water-sports was as vast as the icy kind, the Ski-Doo evolved into the Sea-Doo and they just keep coming. The first Sea-Doo was, like its predecessor, a gasoline driven rider, not unlike riding a motorcycle. The earliest versions came with a 55-seahorse powered engine and advertised 3-rider carry.

Since then, they have narrowed their focus and continued their innovation. With their sea-scooter line, Sea-Doo also transports swimmers and divers beneath the waves. While competitor Seabob offers the Seabob Cayago F7, a DPV that will carry a rider above and below the waterline – for a price – Sea-Doo maintains focus under water for a considerably lower one. With the very sharp Sea Doo VS Supercharged Plus, Sea-Doo nailed the form and function nicely, and with the Pro, they continue moving forward.

The Sea-Doo Pro is kind of a cross between their Sea Doo Dolphin for kids and the VS Supercharged for kids with good credit. Floating closer to the Dolphin’s price, the Pro is rated to 65 ft. deep while delivering about an hour run-time. Weighing in at 13 lbs., the Pro will tug an average sized human around at 2 mph but is clearly designed with light use in mind. As a lightweight with such limited run time, the Pro is more suited to swimming and snorkeling and thus can be enjoyed in swimming pools and lakes. Those with a penchant for SCUBA would likely find themselves better served with the torquier VS Supercharged Plus, which provides more dive time on a charge as well.

Sea Doo Pro | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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The Seadoo Pro surprised me with the surge of power it has and its ability to pull me around the ocean . . . I found the freedom again with the Seadoo.

Tom's Guide

Was only able to get about 20 minutes of use per full charge under normal use. The description stated about 1 hour per charge. The problem could be the battery.

Tom's Guide

This sea scooter is OK for the price. It's the entry level "dive scooter" going down to 65 ft, which it will do but with full scuba gear it really lacks power.

Tom's Guide

Truly not enough power to pull an adult. It was fun for the kids but even they quickly became board because of the weak power and slow slow speed.

Tom's Guide

Great for kids or if you are wearing fins. Battery holds its charge for at least an hour of intermittent use.

Tom's Guide