Samsung Push Pull Mortise

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Push Pull Mortise Specifications

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the push pull mortise weighs 10.1 pounds


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The Samsung Push-Pull Mortise provides a high-tech, high-prestige doorway security solution. With the SHS-P718 Mortise lock, you can secure your home with the triple threat -- PIN code, RFID card scanner, and fingerprint scanner.

Biometric entry, a fancy term for those fancy biologically related security entrance measures like fingerprint and retina scanning, has an undeniable "cool" factor, a certain prestige and even comfort of knowing that something completely unique to you is keeping your residence safe and secure. On the more pragmatic side, the P718 justifies itself as superior on the basis of convenience. The push-pull handle on the face of the P718 replaces traditional doorknobs, allowing you to simply push your way into the door when you have your hands full. The product does run on AA batteries, but there's (naturally) a built-in failsafe if you happen to forget to switch those depleted power cells out.

Smart locks, like many other newly digitized products in the "smart home" or "internet of things" arsenal, are popping up everywhere as of late. Locks featuring geofencing, voice activation, even built-in cameras are cascading into the marketplace, offering prospective buyers the latest in personal security -- sometimes at the cost of endangering the very security they purport to protect. The Push-Pull Mortise, with three non-digital clearance checks, squarely positions itself as smarter than many smart locks out today.

Samsung Push Pull Mortise | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Extremely convenient. It also has self-lock feature which I set to about 5 seconds after the door closes.

Tom's Guide

After one month of working fine, fingerprint reader stopped working and can only use password or key tag.

Tom's Guide

It’s impressive how the technology has simplified our lives in many forms and shapes.

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