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Editorial Review

Most robotic vacuums, for whatever reason, insist upon being perfect circles. Look at any Roomba model, from the 560 to the 770 to the 980. The Samsung Powerbot Essential is a bold defiance of this trend. It looks more like an Orwellian Super Nintendo than a vacuum cleaner.

Part of this clear, tubular design is functional. The device pulls apart by hand for everyday maintenance and emptying its collected contents.

Samsung makes some of the most expensive robotic vacuums on the market, and the Powerbot Essential is no exception. But compared to its Samsung brethren, it's the entry level model. The Essential gets its name within the Powerbot line for being the most bare-bones option. It has the shortest lifespan battery and the smallest capacity canister. In exchange, it's the cheapest.

In the past, the price tag on a car or home appliance would go up as the machine got more powerful. A bigger engine, a bigger turbine, or a bigger capacity would all drive up the cost. In the age of robotic vacuums, Samsung commands a higher price for its software.

The Powerbot Essential does have dependable suction and multi-room dirt storage. It's also quiet, according to several users. But its selling point is brainpower. Owners have noted its efficiency in route mapping and collision detection. It offers remote control and 60 minutes of vacuuming on a single charge. Its beefier brothers, the SR8900 and the Powerbot VR9000, are heavier and longer lasting. But they all have powerful onboard computers with similar programming.

Samsung has been a reliable name in smart electronics since 1987. Its forays into robotic vacuuming have met with their expected success. While it's hard to call the Powerbot Essential an inexpensive model, it is Samsung's best gesture to balance budget and elite vacuuming software.

Samsung Powerbot Essential | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Better than Roomba, quieter, sensible back-and-forth cleaning pattern.

Tom's Guide

Intelligent and well organized cleaning pattern, raw power as in taking a lot of dust and dirt off the floor and very quick and easy dust disposal.

Tom's Guide

Excellent quality & value. Innovative software insuring mapping process cleans entire floor area on different terrain and avoiding all obstacles.

Tom's Guide

It does an excellent job getting the floors clean...it does not get close to the walls and I wish it had an app or a way to set it for a regular cleaning schedule.

Tom's Guide

The noise on it wasn't as loud as I expected it...the canister is located on the top and it is clear so you can look at when to empty the dirt out without stopping to check.

Tom's Guide