Salus IT300

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IT300 Specifications

3" x 3" x 0.9"
released date


the it300 weighs 0.3 pounds


Editorial Review

If it's smart to exert thermostatic control when given the opportunity, then thermostats are the utterly brilliant means to achieve it. Heating and cooling a building becomes expensive, so a thermostat basically enables you to save money and decrease energy consumption by allowing the indoor temperature to rise during the day in the winter months and, conversely, letting the temperature drop during the day in the warmer months. Temperature can then be adjusted based on the building's occupancy. Smart thermostats are controllable remotely via the Internet, which allows the user to program temperature settings before returning home or when they depart.

ecobee created the first wi-fi smart thermostat back in 2009. Their thermostats have since gotten smarter with the creation of the Ecobee Ecobee3 2nd Generation, which is a hardwired system for homes with multiple zones. It comes with numerous remote sensor features and is highly rated. Another fine example of a smart thermostat is the Honeywell TH9320WF5003, which comes from a company that is no stranger to thermostats in particular or home automation in general. This programmable thermostat is accessible through computer, tablet, or smartphone, and comes with 5 system modes and 4 fan modes.

The iT300 from Salus is a remote sensor that works in conjunction with the wireless Salus IT500 Internet thermostat. Sold separately, it can be added to control the temperature of a second area in the home by communicating with the iT500. Obviously you need the 2-zone iT500 base unit, on which both zones are set up. The iT300 looks great, a nice aesthetic partner for the base thermostat, and is easy to install. It even comes with batteries as well as mounting equipment.

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Five stars! Great thermostat.

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