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netAQUA 9D Specifications

8.2" x 3" x 5"
released date


the netaqua 9d weighs 4.5 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi
Upc n
859855  004004

Editorial Review

Rosen Lewalski Networking, or Roslen for short, funded the Roslen netAQUA 9D Web-Enabled Irrigation Controller on Kickstarter in 2013, so you know that it must be something that people were looking for. Reading the comments on their Kickstarter page makes it clear that the company actually listens to feedback about what users need, which is more than can be said about a lot of companies in the irrigation controller business. That's one of the advantages of Kickstarter products. The makers either listen to their users or their funding dries up like an unwatered plot of land.

Given that it's a Kickstarter baby, you can learn more about the netAQUA from its Kickstarter page than you probably know about your significant other -- and certainly more than you know about any of its competitors' products. You can also learn that its creators started out in the telecommunications industry, which seems odd until you consider that a telecommunications background is just as valuable for designing a WiFi-enabled product as a degree in plumbing. Plumbers are a dime a dozen -- okay, $100 an hour -- but telecommunications is what WiFi control is all about.

The NetAQUA is designed to be a low-cost system for watering your lawn and garden while conserving water with information pulled off the Weather Underground network of highly localized weather reports. It can be controlled from your computer, your smartphone, your smart tablet, and all the usual suspects. It's smart enough to adjust the watering to weather conditions -- more when it's dry, less when it's wet and none at all when there's heavy rain or a cold wave that could freeze the water in the pipes.

You could also try the Rainmachine Mini-8 or the Irritrol Kwik Dial, but do their makers have to answer to their users on Kickstarter?

Roslen netAQUA 9D | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Full access from my iDevices, and PC's. I have it set up in my Garage via WiFi. I'm installing the temperature probe and rainfall probe today.

Tom's Guide

9 Zone programmable, Internet weather optional, network accessible. I use my ipad to adjust, program or turn on or off my sprinkler system.

Tom's Guide

Very easy setup. Intuitive user interface. Would benefit from a more sensitive WiFi, and a dedicated smartphone app (other than the generic browser).

Tom's Guide

Installation was easy, just be sure to label your zone wires from your old unit before transferring.

Tom's Guide

I can log into the controller with any web interface and adjust the settings that best match my yard conditions with ease now.

Tom's Guide